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Best Friend Necklaces - Long Distance Friendship Jewelry -Best Friend Gift - States Necklaces - Long Distance Friendship Necklace


This set of TWO necklaces is the perfect gift for long distance friends! Your choice of TWO LOCATIONS (city and state or country!) with a teeny heart marking the city of choice are connected by a dotted line.

Necklaces are available in your choices of any combination of silver, gold, and rose gold.

States and countries are marked on a 15mm (dime sized) Stainless steel Disc then affixed to a 20 stainless steel chain.

All states and countries are available. Please enter the location of your choice for each necklace in to the 'notes to seller' box at checkout.

The hearts and dotted lines are hand stamped. Though I try to place them as close to the requested location, some variation does exist.

Please feel free to message me for custom designs and other quantities of location lecklaces. I am able to produce these in larger quantities than just two.